191, Village Homorodu de Sus Tel.: +40 756 054 030 - 0361.421.925  ACCESS IN THE COMPLEX ONLY WITH RESERVATIONS!

Popasul Codenlilor Rastaurant

“Popasul Codrenilor” Restaurant has got 40 seats and gives you a special atmosphere with a very particular design ,its authentic food being served in personalized clay pots.
The restaurant is arranged in a rustic style with specific wooden furniture, beautiful chests of drawers called "ladoi" could be admired , also wooden sideboards, all designed with folk motifs. We invite you to taste our traditional food, all cooked and prepared like in "codru", specific soups, sausages and "cartabosi", polenta with cottage cheese, "clisa"[bacon], oven cooked "ciolan" [pork barrel] but only after you served the welcome drink the plum "palinca", served in clay cups. The thirst after your tasty meal can be appeased with a large variety of wines , also served in clay cups, or even with cold beer. In summer our open terrace can relax you with its comfortable seats and the panoramic view on the lake, both of them make you feel closer to the nature, having not only a better appetite for life, but also you can easily get hungry for a delicious traditional meal.